I am extremely excited about the release of the First Limited Editions!  Over the past few years I have developed ways to capture the true nature of my original paintings through the Artist Editions, Studio Editions, and Archival Paper Editions.  The Editions maintain the signature Broken Frame®, the vibrant colors, various textures, the brush strokes, and even down to the high gloss finish in the Artist Editions. The Archival Paper Editions capture the true colors of the originals.

  I created Abstract Topophilia® -Love your Place, 12 years ago,  as a way for people to connect and bring the pieces to life with their own unique experiences.

I hope you enjoy these new works. Love Your Place!


Check out the Newest Limited Editions at my Next Shows


Barrister Winery 

Spokane, WA

October 2


Solo Show

The Piranha Shop

Seattle, WA

October 20


ben in his Studio

ben in his Studio